Park Cafe-Restaurant

This is the Hotel Arena’s cafe and restaurant on the Oosterpark. They say “located in the Oosterpark, in a vibrant neighbourhood in Amsterdam Oost. The cafe-restaurant is divided into a laid-back lounge, a cosy bistro and a restaurant with table linens. The large terrace is practically in the Oosterpark, but is every bit as comfortable as it is inside. At Park cafe-restaurant the menu focuses on vegetables, with full flavours, bright colours and exiting preparations. We cook along with the seasons and use plenty of fresh herbs, that if at all possible go right from our own herb garden to your plate.”

New York Pizza

A chain of NINE shops now. Once upon a time this was a refuge where you could find a decent slice of pizza in Amsterdam. Unfortunately like many Dutch establishments, they keep pizza in display cases, sometimes for hours before you happen to come along. Yes, they reheat it, and it can be a decent bite if you’re desperate. But why settle for something that’s been sitting out for who knows how long, when you can get it fresh and hot (and much better) in almost any Italian restaurant in Amsterdam for just a few guilders more.

Who am I… Continue reading

Me Naam Naan

There are so many Thai restaurants in Amsterdam, it’s difficult to keep track of them all. But here’s one you won’t soon forget, Me Naam Naan, located just off the Nieuwemarkt. A friend recommended this place, and I’m glad she did. It seems the Dutch have been keeping this little gem a secret.

We were very fortunate that we arrived earlier because all the other tables were already booked, and our whole meal was punctuated by new arrivals being told there were no tables available. Most of the customers, who were Dutch seemed to know this place fills up fast,… Continue reading

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