Art and Culture in the Jordaan

The Jordaan was build at the large expansion of Amsterdam in early 17th century, as a district for the working class and emigrants. The population increase during the next centuries was enormously, caused by the stream political refugees like protestant Fleming, Spanish and Portuguese Jews and French Huguenots who mainly settled in the Jordaan. It was a poor district with small houses and slums, every little room stuffed with families and lots of children. The entire area was one ghetto with open sewers, canals served for both transport and sewer, and no running water. Around 1900 there lived about 80… Continue reading

Restaurant Pisa

I often complain that the Italian restaurants near the Leidseplein all seem the same. Same menu, prices, tacky plastic plants and wall murals. Well at least the Pisa Restaurant ditched the plastic, giving this place a more modern, less dusty feel.

I’ve always enjoyed the lasagnas in Amsterdam, because they are a bit different from what you get in other cities. My guess is that instead of the typical combination of mozzarella and ricotta cheese, you get a richer selection of Dutch cheeses substituting for the traditional Italian cheese. This makes for a delightful change.

So I ordered a vegetarian… Continue reading

Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Stadsarchief Amsterdam is on the Amsteldijk upriver from the Carre theater, on the other side of the Amstel River.

This is where the official archives of the City of Amsterdam reside, and there are exhibits open to the public, with interpretations in Dutch, of course.

Stadsarchief Amsterdam is on the Amsteldijk at number 67, 1074 HZ Amsterdam.

Royal Thai

I passed by this inviting place on a cold rainy evening and decided to give it a try. One of the Thai women working there was standing outside the door, as is the custom in this very competitive restaurant district. Business was slow, as this was a Monday and it was pouring rain.

She graciously welcomed me and took my umbrella, saying it was too wet to bring inside! Perhaps she needed it herself, I figured. I sat down and ordered dinner from the menu. Soup was a must to warm my insides, so I decided on Tom Yam Kai,… Continue reading

Aneka Rasa Indonesian Restaurant

The Aneka Rasa is an Indonesian restaurant on the Warmoesstraat in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. But don’t let that fact put you off your food, some of the best meals in Amsterdam are to be found in this area. Just two blocks from Centraal Station, or three from the Dam Square.

As there were two of us dining, we decided to order a rijstaffel “menu” and enjoyed it greatly for all it’s uniqueness, especially the variety of sauces in each of the many dishes.

We started off with their spring rolls, unusually and delightfully prepared with lime… Continue reading
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